People and Companies who share our vision


Ripple Labs Inc. - a pioneer in digital payment protocols, is a significant equity investor in XPMarket, marking a solid endorsement of our potential. Their investment transcends financial backing, extending into invaluable operational support and strategic advisory. Ripple Labs’ profound understanding of blockchain technology and digital payment ecosystems aligns well with our ambitions, fostering a synergistic partnership that significantly enhances our business trajectory in the digital market arena.

Upnaut Ventures, a forward-thinking investment fund, holds the distinction of being the first financial ally to bolster XPMarket, underlining our potential early on. With a keen focus on propelling web3 companies in emerging markets, their involvement furnishes us with a robust foundation and a wealth of market-centric insights. Their strategic emphasis on emerging digital landscapes aligns seamlessly with our objectives, creating a synergistic partnership that drives our collective vision forward in the evolving digital domain.


XPMarket received a $50,000 USD grant from XRPL Grants for the development of the XRPL ecosystem. This funding significantly aided our commitment to expand the XRP Ledger community and propel our project forward. The grant highlighted the potential of our initiatives and enabled us to contribute meaningfully to the XRPL ecosystem.

Partners and Advisors

Top Traders Ventures (TT Ventures) is a venture capital with extensive experience in investing and supporting early-stage blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups. TT Ventures plays a pivotal role in our project's development and growth. Their strategic guidance, investment expertise, and global network are invaluable assets that will help us achieve our long-term objectives and establish ourselves within the blockchain industry.

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