Core Team

These are our co-founders and core members of XPMarket

Since 2017, our co-founding team has embarked upon a dynamic and collaborative journey within the tech world, weaving a path through diverse projects both as hired professionals and founders. Our synergy first manifested itself at Vertex, where we led initiatives captivating over a million users with our web and mobile applications. Our commitment to user-centric designs and scalable systems set the stage for our future ventures.

Delving into blockchain technology, we created a crowdfunding platform, working working together with Hyperledger and Bank of Lithuania. This venture underscored our ability to merge cutting-edge technology with a vision for financial equity.

Now, we're channelling our collective expertise into XPMarket, aspiring to mould it into the superapp of the XRP Ledger. Characterised by adaptability and rapid evolution, we align with the latest technologies and market trends. At the core of our philosophy is a commitment to user-centric design. We excel in crafting interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and intuitively simple, ensuring XPMarket is not just a functional powerhouse but also a seamless and engaging experience.

Our journey from Vertex to XPMarket narrates a story of innovation, adaptability, and a profound understanding of user needs. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to creating transformative, accessible, and engaging digital experiences.

Our Co-Founders

Dr. Artur Kirjakulov, CEO and Co-Founder - LinkedIn

Artur Kirjakulov, as the CEO of XPMarket, exemplifies a unique blend of academic rigour and strategic project management. His scholarly background in life sciences, with a focus on nanosciences and biophysics, informs his meticulous approach to both scientific inquiry and business leadership. This combination of skills makes him exceptionally adept at navigating the complex landscapes of technology and finance.

During his tenure as Development Manager at British American Tobacco, Artur demonstrated an exceptional capacity for project leadership. His role involved not just managing critical projects but also gaining deep insights into competitor intelligence and market dynamics. This experience was instrumental in honing his skills for strategic development and operational leadership, making him adept at identifying and capitalising on market opportunities.

In his current role leading XPMarket, Artur leverages this diverse experience to drive the company's advancements in the blockchain and FinTech sectors. His focus is on fostering innovation and strategic growth, aligning with the ever-evolving demands of the digital finance world. Under his leadership, XPMarket is not just keeping pace but setting the trend in these dynamic industries.

Artur's engagement with blockchain and cryptocurrency markets since early 2017 further cements his status as an industry expert. His deep understanding of the web3 field, combined with a commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments, ensures that XPMarket remains at the cutting edge of innovation. His vision and leadership are pivotal in steering the company through the rapidly changing landscapes of blockchain technology and digital finance, cementing XPMarket's position as a leader in these sectors.

Artur Kirjakulov's journey from a science-focused academic to a strategic leader in the FinTech and blockchain industries showcases a unique fusion of scientific depth and business acumen, positioning him as a key figure in the future of digital finance and technology.

Audrius Vrubliauskas, CPO and Co-Founder - LinkedIn

Audrius Vrubliauskas, distinguished for his 15 years of experience in leading vast digital projects with over a million users, currently shines as the Chief Product Officer at XPMarket. His diverse skill set, spanning from hands-on technical development to comprehensive go-to-market optimization, enables him to collaborate effectively with various professionals, from technical experts to business strategists.

In his illustrious career, Audrius has been a driving force behind one of Lithuania's most innovative IT companies. His role there underscored his versatility and capability in steering a diverse product portfolio and team, contributing significantly to the fields of SaaS and cryptocurrency solutions.

However, it's his tenure at NordVPN as Head of Growth that stands out. In this role, Audrius excelled in enhancing user experience and spearheading significant advancements in B2B and cybersecurity products. His strategic focus on SEO, CRO, and analytics was instrumental in establishing NordVPN as a leader in the cybersecurity domain. Additionally, his experience with MysteriumVPN further solidifies his expertise in the VPN and cybersecurity industry.

At XPMarket, Audrius is leveraging his vast background to guide the product vision, strategy, and execution. His approach integrates blockchain analytics with data science, ensuring that products meet customer expectations and align with stakeholder needs. His central role in XPMarket's pursuit of excellence in blockchain and AI technologies demonstrates his unwavering commitment to advancing these industries.

Arminas Keraitis, CTO and Co-Founder - LinkedIn

Arminas Keraitis is an accomplished figure in the technology sector, with a career defined by innovation, leadership, and a deep understanding of both the technical and strategic aspects of technology. His journey through various challenging roles has equipped him with a rare expertise in overseeing the development of highly complex systems, particularly those that cater to extensive user bases in the FinTech and blockchain industries.

Arminas's work in artificial intelligence stands as a testament to his forward-thinking approach. He has not only contributed to the practical aspects of AI but has also delved into scientific and experimental realms, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this cutting-edge field. This blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application underlines his unique position in the tech world.

Beyond his technical acumen, Arminas is renowned for his exceptional organizational skills. He has a knack for assembling and guiding high-performing technical teams, fostering environments that encourage innovation, collaboration, and excellence. His leadership style is often highlighted as inclusive and visionary, enabling his teams to achieve their full potential.

In executive settings, Arminas brings a special perspective to the management team. His ability to translate complex technical concepts into strategic business decisions is invaluable. He bridges the gap between the technical and non-technical realms, ensuring that technology strategies align with broader business objectives.

Overall, Arminas Keraitis is a dynamic and influential figure in technology, whose contributions have not only propelled the companies he's been part of but also left a lasting impact on the tech industry as a whole. His journey reflects a continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, marking him as a leading light in the technological landscape.

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