The following roadmap outlines the key milestones and objectives for XPMarket over the next year. This roadmap is subject to change based on user feedback, market trends, and other factors.

Historical Milestones


  • Q1:

    • Initial Launch: Released the first version of the platform focusing on essential data analytics for tokens on the XRPL blockchain.

  • Q2:

    • Portfolio Manager: Introduced a sophisticated portfolio management tool that allows users to track various metrics, thereby optimising their investment strategies.

  • Q3:

    • Pro DEX and Swaps: Launched professional-grade decentralized exchange features alongside a simplified swap mechanism.

    • Pre-seed Investment: Closed a pre-seed funding round to boost feature development and initial market entry.

  • Q4:

    • UI 2.0: Rolled out a more user-friendly interface, making the platform easier to navigate.

    • NFT Support: Added functionalities to view and trade NFTs, including detailed pages for individual items and collections.


  • Q1:

    • Trading Competition: Initiated the platform's first trading competition on XRPL DEX to stimulate user engagement, initially launched in BETA mode.

    • Legal Structure: Ensured compliance with laws related to token issuance and operations.

  • Q2:

    • Data Analytics: Enhanced the data analytics tools for more in-depth market analysis.

    • Seed Investment: Secured another investment round aimed at scaling features and growing the user base.

  • Q3:

    • Security Upgrades: Implemented advanced security measures including two-factor authentication and cold storage solutions.

    • Alternative Login: Added options for logging in through multiple alternative wallets for increased flexibility.

  • Q4:

    • UI Navigation: Further refined the user interface for simplified and intuitive navigation.

Future Roadmap


  • Q1:

    • AMM DEX: A state-of-the-art Automated Market Maker (AMM) system will be integrated to facilitate more efficient trading.

  • Q2:

    • Launchpad: A feature for introducing new projects into the XRPL ecosystem, helping them gain initial traction.

    • User Personalisation and Rewards Centre: Customised user experiences and a rewards system will be introduced, with key performance indicators to gauge success.

    • XPM token release: Long anticipated the release of our own native token to catalise the further growth of XPMarket and boost user engagement.

  • Q3:

    • Mobile App: A mobile application will be launched to cater to users who prefer trading on-the-go.

    • AI Analytics: Advanced machine learning algorithms will be used to offer predictive market analytics as well as optimisation on various aspects of user experience.

    • Market Expansion and User Growth: Plans to expand into new markets and partnerships, aiming to achieve a user base milestone.

  • Q4:

    • Launchpool: A staking feature will be added, enabling users to stake tokens and earn rewards, thereby enhancing platform liquidity.

This roadmap provides a high-level view of the planned developments for XPMarket over the next year. As we move forward, we will continue to listen to our users and adapt our plans as needed to best serve our community.

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