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TAM, SAM, and SOM Analysis

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

The Total Addressable Market for XPMarket is ambitiously modelled on the industry benchmark set by CoinMarketCap, which attracts over 100 million unique monthly users. We use CoinMarketCap for TAM estimation as it is an established market leader in one of the adjacent fields XPMarket is competing with. Looking ahead 4-5 years, as we advance our offerings and branch into additional blockchain networks and services, we project the potential to capture 5-10 million of these users. This long-term goal is based on strategic enhancements to our platform, broadening our reach, and aligning with evolving market trends.

Serviceable Available Market (SAM)

In the intermediate term, we focus on our Serviceable Available Market, which we estimate to be between 2-3 million unique monthly users within the next 2-3 years. This target is benchmarked against similar platforms operating within data analytics (DappRadar, Coingecko, De.Fi), web3 spaces (DAO Maker, Seedify), and DeFi ecosystems (Pancakeswap, 1inch). Our roadmap includes significant enhancements such as the integration of EVM compatibility and expansion across various blockchains, which will be pivotal in achieving this scale.

Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)

Presently, XPMarket serves 50 thousand unique users each month. With a targeted growth strategy in place, we forecast reaching 100 thousand users in the ensuing 6 months and aim to double this user base to 200 thousand within 12 months. These growth projections are underpinned by aggressive marketing campaigns, platform development, and user experience enhancements.
Visual representation of userbase growth potential. Log scale chart.

Analysis Methodology

In formulating our market size estimation, we have conducted a multifaceted analysis, juxtaposing our platform with a range of market leaders and their competitors. We have scrutinised the advantages held by first movers as well as the disparate performance levels of these entities, which stem from their product-market fit and attractiveness to users. Our methodology has encompassed a thorough comparative study of platforms both with and without native tokens, evaluating how a utility token influences user engagement and platform performance.
In delving into the utility of tokens, we assessed their role in enhancing user retention, bolstering platform liquidity, and augmenting overall market presence. Such detailed analysis enables us to discern patterns and strategies that contribute to the success of these platforms, providing us with valuable insights into optimising our native tokens to enrich user experience and foster platform growth.
Our approach to this analysis is dynamic and responsive, perpetually refining with market trends to ensure our strategic planning remains in concert with the current and emergent demands of users. This rigorous analytical process buttresses our market estimates and informs our strategic trajectory.

Strategic Implications

This methodology informs our strategic decisions, enabling us to identify where we can distinguish ourselves and pinpoint the unique selling propositions that will resonate with our intended audience. By comprehending the entire spectrum of the market and the variables that contribute to success, we can tailor our platform to capitalise on these insights, propelling user acquisition and platform expansion.


The depth of our market analysis methodology is a testament to our dedication to strategic growth and sophisticated market comprehension. By considering an extensive range of factors – from the advantages of being a first mover to the efficacy of native tokens – we are actively shaping our growth trajectory. Our analytical approach positions XPMarket to compete effectively and flourish within the dynamic landscape of blockchain platforms.