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Investing into XPMarket

Investment Opportunities

We invite you to become a part of our exciting journey in reshaping the digital asset landscape. We have tailored two unique investment options, giving you the flexibility to engage with us in a way that aligns with your investment strategy.
1. Token Investment
  • Offer: Up to 10% of the total token supply
  • Discount Rate: 50% off the nominal value (Purchase price: $0.01 USD per token)
  • Investment Cap: Maximum investment of $500,000 USD
  • Lock-up Period: 12 months
  • Unlock Mechanism: Linear monthly unlocks over the subsequent 12 months following the lock-up period
2. Equity Investment
  • Offer: Up to 7.5% company equity
  • Investment Amount: $1 million USD
  • Company Valuation: $20 million USD
  • Other:
    • For added convenience, this equity investment can be facilitated through Seedrs.com, a trusted platform for crowdfunding investments.
    • The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is in place for tax relief.
    • Mix-and-match is possible, where equity is combined with token allocation.
This is our pitcdeck, by the way. We mostly use product as the deck now, but who knows, maybe this helps?

These investment opportunities are as dynamic as the market we operate in. Take action now to secure your stake in a future shaped by innovation and driven by value.